Monday, May 28, 2007


House freebie

Here is my house freebie I designed. It's stitched on 25 ct Wedgewood lugana, over 1. I am quite please with how it turned out. The colors are a bit nicer in real life, of course. :) I posted this pattern as "house 2" on the sidebar.

Here are two color variations of this one:
Here is the pattern mock-up of "House 1":
And "House 3":I haven't had time to do stitch-tests of the latter two, but I think they should be ok. Of course these are all adaptable to someone else's color choices. :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Revelation at 9 pages

Here she is at 9 pages! :) Only one more page across this row left!!. I decided I needed a short breather from working on her though. Hopefully I will return by the 1st of June. In the meantime I am working on some patterns I designed. Hopefully more pictures will follow this week!!

Snowflakes finished!

Here are my snowflakes finished into a little wall hanging. It turned out fine, but seems a little "flat". I will probably add some sparkle in the form of charms or beads or maybe buttons. It needs a little somethiing more. I debated about pulling it apart and doing something else with it, but it's better to just leave it and stitch new snowflakes. They don't really take that long. :) These patterns I posted on my sidebar.

QS progress.

I 0nly managed a couple hundred stitches on her this week.. I will try to do more this week!

Sunday, May 20, 2007



I designed and stitched these 4 snowflakes this weekend. I used DMC color variations floss on the white fabric and white floss on the colored fabrics. They are all done over 1 on 28ct. The pictures of the white stitching didn't turn out so well. Not enough contrast I guess. My idea is to finish them all into a little wall hanging, hopefully during the week. I left all the patterns on my sidebar if anyone is interested!

Thanks for the comments on Revelation! :) I have been working on it too a bit this weekend. Maybe by next weekend I will finish this page I am working on.

Thursday, May 17, 2007



Here are a couple little bags I made this week. The pattern came from ... somewhere out there! They are quick and pretty easy. The bag is lined. I did my own variation on the left one to make the cords come out the side to make the bag easier to close.
These little guys are called Dottee dolls after the person that came up with them. Mine are rather simple-ish. Despite that I spent a bit too many hours trying to think of clever embellishing before I just gave up and went with simple. They are cute and fun in any case. Haven't decided if I want to do more. I think I need to make my own variation to them if I decide to do more. Here is the link to her tutorial.

Revelation 8.5 pages

Another half page completed! I am really looking forward to finishing this row, so I will just keep plugging along on this!

New start!

Started Vinson's Pink Garden Fairy for the Wednesday QS SAL. :) I did about 400 or so stitches. I am mostly keeping this as a Wednesday thing for now.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Small finish!

Small finsih this week :) I got this pattern from My aunt's attic. I finished it into a simple, little wall hanging. It's stitched with DMC color variations floss, don't remember which number, but it's the pink one (obviously! ;)).

I am sort of on hovering on the verge of retiring my Luna QS. I haven't had the urge to work on it at all, and well.. since this is all just for fun.. no guilt! I am just putting it on the side for now. I am avoiding "deciding" to officially retire it.

I am content for now plugging away on Revelation. I will soon make another half page mark, so I will get an update posted.

I acquired 2 new patterns this week as well! I got the new release Awen Inspiration as my month pattern (I just love the colors and the designs in it!) and QS Pink Garden Fairy by C. Vinson. The news of the supposed contract expiration forced me to take a long look at her stuff again, and well, even after HAED said they will keep the license, I still wanted this one, and since there is a sale.... I am tempted to start in on it very soon. :) Perhaps I could actually succeed in a mini rotation?