Saturday, April 29, 2006


Freebie finish!

Finished this freebie from DMC last night. It was pretty quick to stitch, despite the lovely DMC metallic floss in it. I'll finish it into something

I also made the flip-flop freebie into a little wall hanging last night. Was up till about 3 getting it finished.

Still going along on Just Believe. Have about 4.25 pages done now. I'm trying to get in at least 400 stitches in on it a day. I am going to just do a 300x300 section of it instead of the whole picture. I think that will be sufficient.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Just Believe page 4 done!

Yay finished p. 4 a few days ago! I have kept on to p. 5. I also decided to start Waiting for Neptune. I might have a blob for photographing by the end of the weekend. I love this picture, so it should be fun. Unfortunately my other projects are suffering from neglect. :) Oh well, I am sure at some point I will want a break from these huge projects . I also found a freebie I am working on too. Should be finished this weekend. Gotta have some kind of finish for April, no matter the size. :p

Sunday, April 16, 2006


new meme!

The questions keep on coming...

Have you ever ...

1. stitched a sampler? Yep a few, but it's been a while. They aren't really my thing.

2. stitched the same pattern 2 times? No, I don't tend to do that. Too many new things to do than time as it is!

3. designed a project yourself and stitched it, or even had someone else stitch it? Nope, never have designed anything. Might be fun to do some day, but I'm not horribly artistic :p

4. managed to get anyone else hooked on cross stitch? No, never have. It would be fun to, as I know no one in real life that does cross stitch.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Stitching away..

So far I have done around 1200+ stitches on Just Believe.. and 3 more days left! I have only done maybe 200 or so on the dragon fae though. I'm getting caught into pushing to finishing page 4 on Just Believe.

Here is a new meme for today:

1. Do you use any other cotton floss brands than DMC? If so what's your opinion of them. Hmm never used any of the other brands, but I would be happy to try them out.

2. Have you tried stitching with silks? I did one Just Nan project with silks. I think I missed why people like them so much. They didn't seem so very different from DMC, just more expensive.

3. Have you ever done any projects with overdyed floss? I have done a couple of the TW free ornaments with some overdyed. They are fun to stitch with. MLI's Summer Sampler used quite a bit of overdyed cottons too.

4. Which are your favorite brands of overdyeds? Hmm.. haven't tried enough kinds to get an opinion. I'd like to try making my own some day, just for fun.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Easter break!

So I have been extremely tired this week from lab work, but now I have 5 free days, so there will be loads of time and energy for stitching! I'll be joining in the HAED board Easter SAL, so we'll see how much I am able to get done these projects. Here are the starting pics:

And here is my blob from Dragon Fae 2. Looks like Blogger decided to resize it for me and make it even grainier. :p

My over 2 projects have suffered a little lately, since I got the itch to stitch on these a bit. I am trying to do a few lengths of thread on Summer Breeze everyday though, so progress isn't completely halted. I am sure I'll get back in the mood for it soon again.

Saturday, April 08, 2006



I finally finished page 3 of Just Believe. I worked on it almost exclusively this whole week, in between the sniffles and sneezes.

I'm very pleased to have made it this far, despite the pauses that I took from it. I'm hoping the breaks will be a bit more reasonable now. But there are more patterns I am dying to work on too, so more stitches to spread out.

This weekend I want to plug along on this some and another HAED blob I have going, but I really want to get back to Summer Breeze, so I can get it finished by early May or so. It would be nice to have it out of the way.

Today's meme:

1. Are you backs neat or messy?

2. Post a picture or 2 of your projects backsides.

I'll answer it tomorrow. Almost 1 am and it's been a tiring week.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Winning against the flu!

I'm doing better this evening, though the first half of the day was pretty miserable. Managed to get some nice stitching in on Just Believe in :) Trying to hit 3 pages around this weekend or so.

Here is today's meme:

1. How many WIP's do you have?

2. How many UFO's?

3. Do you prefer small, medium or large projects?

4. Do you consider yourself a rotator or a OOAT'er?

5. If all your projects were completed (magically) right now, what project(s) would you start next?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Sick today :(

Got the flu today, so no fun stitching probably. Just can't focus on little stitches when you have to keep a kleenex in one hand the whole time.

Found a meme that is off-topic today to use instead of a stitching meme.

Today's meme comes from Tuesday Twosome:

1. How many computers are in your home? Are they for personal or business use? Err we have 6 here at home. 2 are "mine", 2 are my partner's (aka mr. slack), 1 is his laptop, and 1 is the network computer. None are for business, but since for my partner, computers are both hobby and work, the line is a bit blurred.

2. How many cars does your household own? What are the colors of the cars? We own 1. It's silver.

3. When was the last time you did a thorough cleaning of your home? Did you find anything that you thought you lost? I plead the fifth on this one.

4. Do you generally get along with your neighbors? Is there one neighbor that really gets on your nerves? 1 neighbor that lives in the other side of the house is almost never home, so that's cool. The other neighbor that we share a walkway with, is a witch. I guess she doesn't like us too much because we didn't much care to get out the edge trimmers and cut the grass that hangs over onto her precious flowers. urk!

5. Are you basically content with your living situation? Why or why not? Yeah, mostly. It's pretty quiet up here. We are on the edge of town, so the forest begins close behind the house. It's a 10 min walk to the lake with a hiking path . Walking around the neighborhood you get nice views of the other lake in town. Just need a little bigger place so the computers and all the cables can be contained better. ;)

Monday, April 03, 2006


WIP update

Here are all my WIP photos after a long weekend of stitiching. I worked most on Summer Breeze, made something like 2500 stitches, all in the tree. It gives depth to the picture but the colors are kind of dull to work with.

My Fairy Flora is progressing beyond blob stage slowly :) I can see it's going to be a lot of hours beading later on, lol.

I did the least amount of hours on my Unicorn. I usually
work on it Monday/Tuesdays, but I got the flu, so I just couldn't put the energy in. I finished up the Unicorn last week and started a bit more of the tree today, but it's back to dark on dark, and it's a real strain spending too much time at once on that.

And finally, my HAED WIP, Just Believe. I have had a bit of a break from it lately. I am pushing to hit the 3 page mark soon. Then I will switch over to a page that has a lot more picture on it than background. Too much background gets me down after awhile, so I take a break, unsure if I will return, but I always seem to. I suppose I am addicted like the others. I have an extremely hard time getting a nice picture of it. They all come out quite grainy for some reason. I blame the camera.

Formatting 4 pictures in Google's blog post window is a night mare, lol.

I have the flu, so I'm going to go wind bobbins or something in front of the TV, but before I go...

Here is today's cross-stitch meme:

What was your last..

1. finish?

2. new start?

3. pattern purchase?

4. fabric purchase? color, size, amt (all the details, please)

5. project that you finished or framed?

6. floss color you stitched with?

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Still Stitching like crazy

The stitch-a-thon is continuing today :) I am sneaky because I have tomorrow free, as well. So it's 4 days altogether. I will be forced to take a little extra pause for some school things that need to be out of the way before Tuesday though.

I think I will hold off till Monday night or Tuesday and do picture updates of everything at one time.
So here are some questions from memes for stitchers (updated daily!)

Have you ever..

1. given away a finished project to someone? Yep but I don't give away many of my projects. I am too worried it won't be appreciated.. But I have given away quite a few ornaments. Those don't bother me as much if they end up in a box. (Of course, if I found out they never came out, that would be the last one they ever got from me.)

2. sold a project? Nope

3. hidden how much you spent on stash from your partner? Nope, lucky enough to have someone that understand my addiction :)

4. "disguised" how much stash you own to fool your partner? Never had a need to.

5. started a project and immediately regretted it? Almost regretted Celtic Summer a bit. Started her on a whim, and at first I thought the colors were odd and 28ct felt "big". I wasn't sure if it was the right fabric color either, but it all turned out fine.

6. gotten so fustrated with a project that you threw it away? Hmm no. I did throw away 1 UFO because I lost the pattern to it. I didn't have all that much done on it, and it was on Aida cloth.