Sunday, May 28, 2006


Another freebie finish!

Another freebie finished this weekend! This own is my own design again. The pattern is available for download on the sidebar.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Just Believe Update

Grab your needles and your Q-snaps. Thursday is the beginning of the holiday weekend SAL. I don't have Monday free, but I do have Thursday and Friday free, so should be quite a bit of time in any case. Here is my progress as of today. I should at least make it to the end of page 5, and with some luck a start on page 6. The background is quite fast stitching, but those letters... lol.


Here is another week or so worth of progress. It is coming but hardly fast. Too much tiredness this month and bad cold this weekend.. Oh well! I will keep at it, of course. ;)

Monday, May 15, 2006



A few days late.. sigh. I didn't even realize it was tuesday since the last question. Oh well, I will keep trying to stay on top of things. So now my weekend question is past tense instead of future, lol. Oh well it works.

Weekend stitching

How was your weekend stitching?

It was pretty good for me. I managed 4 hrs a day on Summer Breeze, plus managed to get in abou 700 stitches on Just Believe. I will soon be at the 5 page mark! I even managed to finish one of my freebies into something!!

"Finished" a finish

Made my little octopus freebie into a little hanging ornament :) I have it hanging on the wall now here by my computer. It turned pretty nicely I think.

Summer Breeze Update

Here is my progress after another week. This pattern is a bigger than the picture looks, I think. Most of the bottom section is solid, so there is quite a bit left to be done. Finishing by the end of the month seems unlikely, but we shall see how far along I make it!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


New meme!


Have a case of startitis?

What projects are you dying to start? Which would you start today if you "allowed" yourself?

I got a serious case of it. ;) I'm holding back for now. Really want to finish at least 1 thing first. Right now there are several TW's calling to me.. Fortunate traveller, storyteller, castle sampler..... Resisting for now though :))

I'm trying to put in at least 4 hrs in on Summer Breeze everyday, and some time in on The Unicorn too if there is any left over.

I have a new freebie ornament done. I suppose I should stitch it first before posting to see if any adjustments are needed. Probably will start it on the weekend.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Update and my first design!

Here is finally an update of Summer Breeze. It's coming along now that I am focusing on this project. Looots of shades of green in here to deal with.

I finished a freebie last weekend from Brookes Publishing. It's probably over-cute, but that's alright. I was looking for something smallish, and

it fit the bill.

Now here is my Christmas ornament I designed myself! It took an hour or so to design and something like 3-4 hours of stitching. I think it turned out pretty well for a first attempt. I hope to try more in the future. My main problem is I'm not an artist, but I can be a little creative if I feel some inspiration. So here's to more inspiration!! The pattern is available on the sidebar as a pdf file if anyone is interested. Please give credit to me and send a piccie if you ever stitch the pattern. :)

And here is a new MEME!

Ok last monthly question:

1. What do you think of the new May releases? They are veiwable here at stitching bits and bobs or here at hoffman's.

Today's other question is:

2. Do you visit other stitching blogs? If so how often and do you ever leave comments? Name anything you have seen on other blogs that you like or think is well-done.

1. I looked through the May listings, but I didn't see anything that completely grabbed me.

2. Yes, I often peek at other stitching blogs. I only leave a comment if I feel some inspiration to do so. I probably should more often. I think it's nice to let people know someone is actually reading what they put up. I like well-written text and nice pictures. Good layouts are also appreciated. Unfortunately the tendency to write looong paragraphs makes it a bit hard to stick out to the end of what they are saying :( I can only devote so much time to looking at a blog.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Weekend is here!

Yay! Weekend stitching plans include lots of work on Summer Breeze and maybe hunt down an ornament to work on for a little break. If I am super motivated, I will start working on finishes for my 2 freebies.

Here is today's meme!

Here are some recurring questions:

1. What WIPs did you work on last month?

2. What WIPs do you plan on working on this month?

3. Did you have any finishes or starts last month?

4. Do you think you will have any finishes or start this month?

As always feel free to elaborate, post pics, etc. Please link back if you use these questions in your blog or elsewhere!

1. I worked a little on Summer Breeze, but mostly Just Believe, and of course my fishy freebie.
2. I plan on going for a finish on Summer Breeze but I am not sure it is possible this month, but early June otherwise. I don't think I will start anything else this month, but never say never!
3. Hmm I started and finished a freebie.
4. I already finished 1 freebie, piccie inc soooon. I will do an ornament, I think as well.

Friday, May 05, 2006



Wee, bought a pattern this week from Sew & So and it I received it in 3 days. A new record. I got Fish City from Stoney Creek. It's 18 pages!! I would love to start on it, but I need to finish something and I need to see about gathering some floss together for it. I don't want to start and have to get floss and worry about dye lots and all. I also got a few odds and ends: needles, floss bobbins and a piece of white jobelan, 28ct.

So I am back focusing on Summer Breeze since it is the nearest finish for me now. Would be great to get it done! I'll get an update posted on it sooooon!

Cross-stitch meme's are back in business again. April was just too tiring to have much mental energy left over for blogs. But anyways, here is a new meme for the meme fans!

Goals for May

A few days off, but write any stitching goals you have for the month.

I slipped thru April without writing any goals so I will this month.

PV's Summer Breeze is in the focus again. I'm near the half-way point. I'll just keep stitching on it everyday, not sure I will make a finish with it in May though.

2 freebies are ready for finishing this month.

Stitch 1 ornament.