Sunday, March 25, 2007


Needlebook progress.

Here are pictures of my crazy quilt needlebook. I have sort of limited fabrics at home to choose from, but I fixed that today! We went out to and collected loads of scraps and samples from my BF's mother's store. I made out with 2 large plastic bags, and 7 sample books. No shortage of nice fabrics and colors to choose from now!

Also I order a book on crazy quilts. I sort of realized now that I am not sure where to start with the embroidery and embellishing. And what color and styles of threads..oh dear, I am used to following pattern books! This is why I am trying crazy quilting tho, to develop my creative side a bite more. :) I have become very into personalizing projects and I think this will be fun to try.

Revelation - 7 pages!

I have passed the 7 page mark now! This last page was quite fast, relatively easy stitching. I love how the arm looks! On to page 8 now!

March Ornament

Here is my March ornament finished into a simple pillow :) The pattern is from Aurelle's site. It was easy and quick.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Tiny HD!

I stitched this little bluebird over 1 on 28ct this weekend. It comes from Mary Engelbreit's Cross Stitch book. It's destined to be part of a needlebook. Back stitching over 1 is not so easy!! lol :)

I have been working more on my new blog. I am trying to get a "comprehensive" list of stitchers who blog. I have 180 so far. That is nowhere near everyone.. no way I will ever get everyone in any case, but I will keep hunting for links on boards and blogrolls!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Pi design

Here is my design in honor of pi day! (What can I say I am still an MIT geek at heart). I have uploaded my design on my sidebar. It has some specialty stitches, but it stitches very quickly! :)

I am still chugging along on Revelation. Passed another half page mark. I will post a picture when I finish this page.

I have been surfing blogs and craft sites. I came upon 2 cool sites that have stitch dictionaries. One of them is and the other is Both have lots of nice pictures. Don't forget to join Sharon's Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge if you want to experiment with some new stitches. I likely be participating soon, perhaps this week! :)

Monday, March 12, 2007


Here is my progress on Sara Butcher's Luna after the March SAL. I did something like 2000 stitches. There is lots of confetti around the heart, so I am taking a break instead of stitching through to Monday night! I'll be working on Revelation this week. I am starting to feel the need to finish the Unicorn though, so soon I will pick it up again.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


"February" ornament

Here is my February ornament, just a week late for the SAL. ;) I made the pattern myself, and stitched it with DMC 4030. The pattern is on the sidebar (snowflake 3), as always.
I am officially 20% through Revelation. 6 pages completed! I have been obsessed with stitching it these past 2 weeks. I did a whole normal-size page in 13 days! Despit e the confetti in and around the butterfies.I finally finished my little dino into a wall hanging. It is a very cute pattern! (from DMC freebies).