Sunday, September 24, 2006



Hit the 8-page mark for Just Believe. I am making this my last row of pages. I think it will be a nice picture still... just too many other nice designs to work on now!

I finished this witchy freebie from Cyberstitcers today, and made it into a little wall hanging. It was fun and quick. :)

I also finished this ornament into a little hanging thing too. I painted the beads myself. And these are the 2 fabrics I dyed on my own as well. They are both really nice colors. Can't wait to play around some more!!
As usual formatting pictures is a nightmare on Blogger so excuse the wierd layout. I don't have enough time to spend a few hours making it pretty, lol. Looks like since I didn't save my flight picture with different names I have it posted 2 times in a row, oops, lol. Blogger is being sloooow today, so sorry, the pic I posted last weekend had been the unfinished version.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


September freebie finish

Here is my freebie-finish for the month. It's from here. It was very quick and easy. And this is on the fabric I dyed myself. :) I will probably finish it into a pillow ornament, maybe sew on a yellow star or 2 also.

Monday, September 18, 2006


This could be addicting...

I dyed 2 small pieces of fabric this past week. What fun. I ended up with 1 piece that was about the color of DMC 159, and another that is tan-colored. I am "dying" to try more colors, but I am not quite ready to get in deep on this, but I might try small pieces here and ther.

I started a freebie on the blue piece, so hopefully it will be done in a day or two and I will have a picture.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Revelation - p 2 done

Here is my progress at 2 pages + a tiny page. It took me just about 9 days to do a regular size page, even with a substantial amount of confetti. It looks pretty nice in RL. My camera is a bit old, and it will just never do justice to any project. I am taking a break from this one to do a page of Just Believe, about 1000 stitches in so far.

HAED just put out a chart for Sara Butcher's Crown of Creation. It is sooo pretty, but hmm how many BAPs can one person handle. I am pondering that now.

Oh well.. still I waver on will to keep a blog.. feels silly sometimes. I think I must have 0 readers, and I am not so sure a blog for my own sake is all that interesting. Must ponder that also. hmm hmm

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Still stitching away..

I'm almost done with p. 2 of Revelation, and I picked up Fairy Flora again for a little break from the tiny stitches and crazy number of colors. Doing a couple hundred stitches all in the same color was a nice break. I should have a picture update early next week!

Here is a meme:

Do you collect (and stitch) any patterns with themes or designs?

Hmm, short answer is not really. I like the idea of collecting patterns of a certain theme, but I can never decide what is cool. I am drawn to butterfly patterns, but I don't really own any. Santas and snowmen are fun, but again, I don't own a significant number of them. I am definitely a sucker for collections of seasons. I have the Mira queens and am slowly working through the L&L celtic ladies.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Here is my progress so far on Revelation. It's a bit more than a page. I'm pretty happy with how much I got done this week, being back in the lab and all. I'm continuing on ahead with it while I have some momentum going. :) Probably by the time I finish this page I will need to look at something else for a bit, lol.

Here is a cross-stitch meme:

Do you usually set monthly goals for stitching, and if so do you write them down anywhere?

I often make goals for what I think I might like to get done, but I don't always bother writing them down. ;) If I meet any of the goals is a whole other problem.